Friday, August 10, 2012

Alles ist gut, das will gut

Sane Hatters' Review

After Carol moved from NYC to Asheville, she attracted sane people whom she appointed to serve on the small board that decides things for her endowed non-profit, Mad Hat. Her crazy friends and faux relatives who formed around the journal must carry on their baggage alone, without her as Mad Hatterish conductor. I am part of a diaspora. I left my position as cnfic editor in protest of the way the board treated Carol's friend and caregiver, Douglas Querl. Goodbye, MHR, after four good unpaid years' work. All's well that intends well.

[There was nearing a quorum of German speakers at Mad Hat, so I translated Ana Verse to German using the Microsoft translator embedded in the left sidebar]:

Gesund Hatters Review:

Nachdem Carol von NYC, Asheville, zog sie vernünftigen Menschen, die sie bestimmt auf der kleinen Platine dienen, die Dinge für ihr dotierten gemeinnützige, Mad Hat entscheidet. Ihre verrückten Freunde und faux Verwandten, die um die Zeitschrift gebildet müssen auf ihr Gepäck allein, ohne sie als Mad Hatterish Dirigent tragen. Ich bin Teil einer Diaspora. Ich verließ meine Position als Cnfic Editor aus Protest gegen das Board Carols Freund und Betreuer, Douglas Querl behandelte. Auf Wiedersehen, MHR, nach vier guten unbezahlten Jahren Arbeit. Alles ist gut, das will gut.

[Then I translated the German version back to English in Google translator]:

Healthy Hatters Review:

After Carol of NYC, Asheville, she drew reasonable people they intended to serve the small circuit board, the things for her prize-profit, Mad has decided. Your crazy friends and relatives faux, which have formed around the magazine on their luggage alone, without wearing a Mad Hatterish conductor. I am part of a diaspora. I left my position as editor in protest against the Cnfic Board Carols friend and supervisor, Douglas Querl treated. Goodbye, MHR, after four good years of unpaid labor. All is well, wishing well.

Letter from Ann Bogle to Buffalo Poetics Listserv on August 18, 2012 (excerpt):

"Alles ist gut, das will gut" is a partly censored item (the original paragraph in English was censored twice; the machine-translated German version and its machine-retranslated English version were not censored), both at Facebook Mad about Mad Hatters' Review group by Marc Vincenz and due to his diligence at Fictionaut, where Carol Novack had asked me to administer a small group for Mad Hatters' Review in the spirit of cooperation and Marc Vincenz had later delegated to me the same duty.  I got Marc his first job at Mad Hatters' Review, co-editor in poetry, in the first week of October 2010, though he never stated his job title that way.  He stated on the Internet editor in poetry.  Carol Novack who might know that best besides the two of us has died.  In her will, she stated that her friend and caregiver, Douglas Querl, may stay at her house, deeded to Mad Hat, a non-profit she formed, as long as he likes and that her cats stay there as well and the house not be sold for 40 years.  It was to operate as a writers' retreat, overseen by Douglas or subsequent caretaker, and meeting place for the Mad Hatters' Review staff past and present.  The attorney in Asheville who wrote the will that Carol signed, Robert Karriker, later discovered that as a deceased person, Carol cannot decide what becomes of the endowment or properties within the non-profit.  The board of four or five (names withheld) wrote Douglas an eviction letter, came to the house and removed the cats and brought them to an undisclosed location (though there was a picture of Clicquot on Facebook being nuzzled by the Asheville bank employee, friends with Karriker, whom Carol met late in life).

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