Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Working Numbers

A more expressive list than of my achievements is of the occupations of men I know. These are just some of them:

1. Er ist passiert.
2. Israeli, army, b. 1963, now residing in Vegas.
10. National Guardsman/salesman, Lieutenant Colonel, b. 1960.
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3. Composer/musician, book and music dealer, b. 1950.
4. Curator of Doc Films, U of Chicago
5. Manic-depressive scholar named not after but coinciding with the name of a TV evangelist, howling porch
6. Married now and teaching, poet who suggested Houston, Irish balladeer
7. Archangel, Poet/songwriter/artist/musician/construction worker/historical renovation technician, b. 1956.
8. German ex-con tax evader last removed to Vegas
9. Poet/Brigham Young MBA, b. 1966.
11. Sports reporter, cookie ajar snatcher
12. Baby of the family, pot-smoking Hurricane Hugo watcher
13.Man with the long hair
14. Renaissance doctor, Mike
15. Hockey player/bookseller/radio broadcaster/teacher, b. 1956.
16. Jerome Washington, Right to Write
17.N.A. poet (what's that?)
18. lyric poet surrealist, fine featured
19. Working magazine writer
20. One-night wrong carpenter
21.Genius lost writer, successful professor
22. Iowa poet who brought me my 29th birthday
23.P.S. of 2 in Hoss Men, Garrison
24. Teacher of children missing one testicle due to cancer
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25. Bar founder
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26. Novelist and literary critic
27. Royal Shakespeare Actor
34. Sculptor
35. Rock musician, b. 1960.
Construction foreman, b. 1954.
44. Radio talk show host, b. 1950.
45. Motorcycle salesman/photographer, b. 1956
Avant gardenist, b. 1957.
50. Millionaire/Poet, b. 1957.
51. Geography professor, b. 1950.
52. Pastor, b. 1949.
53. Professional foosball player/maintenance worker, b. 1968.
64. Where I belong
66. Guitar player, nurse anesthesticist
67. Baseball player

Of those, nos. 3, 15, 26, 35, 44, and 50 wanted to marry me. I wanted to marry 3, 7, 15, 35, 44, and 50. I should have asked 45 to marry me as my first proposal. I intend to copy down these numbers and use them for lotto. 45 and 35 got married later and divorced. 15 and the sculptor, I think, never got married. No. 9, the actor, and the foreman got and stayed married. 26, a novelist, told me much later, "If someone hasn't been married by 38, something is wrong with them." What was wrong with us -- no. 15 and me? We might have made a good, tall couple. What numbers go I?

(March 5, 2006, updated February 26, 2014)