Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Honest Life

For an experiment, I am trying life off all medications. This is the only time I have tried to do this in 15 years. During many years, I was adjusted on med's, which worked fine. During recent years, however, the drugs have been too dishonest and overpowering and have caused too many side effects. Also, my life became a tool of a stupid system, which I hate. I am too good for that.

I feel great without medications for now. My poor body, however, was being partly stitched together by them, got used to them and relied on them to do things it used to do for itself, like hold its own weight. I dropped several pounds after the medications came off, and I am making a mountainous effort to fill up on good food.

I am very moved by writing at Sonia's weblog. Love is the answer. We were all very slow to it, I'm afraid, and gave our best to cats and books, which deserve love as much as we do. I asked my mother for a hug today, and we gave each other a big one. We are not naturally affectionate in our family, and it was a big step to do that. I am so glad for it.