2013 Million Writers Award

General guidelines:

Nominations will be accepted through August 3, 2013.

Editors, readers, and writers may nominate.

Eligible short stories must have been published in online journals in 2012 and be at least 1,000 words.

Please consider donating to support the prize. 

My eligible short stories are as follows:

"Hymen" in Ragazine, Mike Foldes and Metta Sama, Eds., January 2012.

"In a Basket" in Thrice Fiction, no. 4, R.W. Spryszak, Ed., March 2012.

"Animals in Reverse" in Altered Scale, Jeff Hansen, Ed., March 2012.

"Dumb Luck" in Asymptote, Lee Yew Leong, April 2012.

"Still Life in a Bowl" in Intellectual Refuge, Christopher Schnieders, Ed., April 2012.

"The Cool Report" in MadHat 13, Marc Vincenz, Ed., May 2012. 

Please consider nominating one of my short stories.  Thank you.  ~Ann Bogle

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