My Apology to Jeffrey Side

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    I apologize to you for an event that led to other events in August last year.  I hope you will accept my apology, in particular for bringing up Bobbi Lurie's email correspondence with you in the OtherStream thread.  It was not appropriate to bring it up there or to air it.  It was in a thread that you initiated because I had persisted in adding comments about Prosetics (my coinage) in poetry contexts, most particularly, in The Argotist Group.

    Country Without a Name will become a book this year to be published by Veery Imprints.  Acknowledgement of Argotist Ebooks as its first publisher will be included in its pages.  I appreciate your steadiness in working as an e-publisher and your own poetry, when I can find it, and I wish I could find more of it.  We were indeed allies and I hope you will view it that way once again.

    Thanks for your patience in this matter.

All best,

~Ann Bogle 

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Thanks for your apology. I can only accept it, though, if you are willing to make it a public apology. I will then accept it publically.



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Dear Jeff,

     I will post my apology along with this note in response to yours of today, July 5, 2013, at Ana Verse as a Page called "My Apology to Jeffrey Side"unless you have had thought of de-posting the several blog posts that critique me and Bobbi Lurie.  Then our posts will not be permanently available on the Internet, as per Bobbi's request.  Perhaps you plan and prefer to leave your critiques of us posted as an explanation of part of history. 

     In keeping with the artistic design of Ana Verse, the related entry I wish could remain at Ana Verse is "American Candid"that I view as a spontaneously-written collaborative play and that I de-posted at the request of Bobbi Lurie, who has asked both you and me not to use her name publicly in any connection with the word "psychotic" for reasons she has stated.

     Please let me know your wishes.

All best,


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