Housekeeping at Ana Verse (October 20, 2014)

As of October 20, 2014, all entries in Ana Verse are restored online in their original order unless otherwise noted.

Previously reserved in draft form:

Entries de-posted in Ana Verse (were reserved in draft form):

74 titles or sub-titles in Texas Was Better (19851999); Clarity or Enough (20002012); and Compliant Stories (2013).
01 entry related to The Argotist Online and OtherStream Facebook groups, August 1, 2012, posted in Ana Verse on August 13, 2012, and later de-posted at the request of Bobbi Lurie.
31 self-censored or reserved entries, as partly defined in "Writing in the Open," excerpted below.
07 entries of poems included in dog barks up a tree at the apple left in it under a deerslim moon, Dusie Kollektiv, 2008 (2009).
02 Index and List of Publications, now available as pages in Ana Verse.

Entries taken out of draft form may, if earlier posts, republish to the top of the weblog.  I note the original posting dates in reissued entries if the order shifts.

Posts that relate to my de-posting (reserving) entries in Ana Verse, past and present:

"Housekeeping," July 16, 2007:

"Writing in the Open," November 4, 2008:

Excerpt (slightly revised):

 My reasons when I de-post:
  1. Exigencies of print and online publication in journals and books
  2. Distinction between self- and other publishing where other-publishing offers more esteem, privacy, and closure, closure in more than one sense: Internet self-publishing is more like hiding in the open than underground print publishing -- print books and journals must be special-ordered or purchased at readings and book fairs and are more difficult to access
  3. A quest for writing in privacy
  4. Fear of revealing too much personal information
  5. Hesitancy to identify people except in a formal way
  6. Self-censorship of other types (in particular, feminism and depression as themes)
  7. Job seeking regardless of type of job
  8. Timing and placement with regard to other posts
  9. Other aesthetic considerations
  10. Proprietary guardianship of writing as work
"May is MeHeWriMo," May 1, 2009:

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