Tuesday, September 09, 2008


TIME magazine reported in a cover story that Sarah Palin was plucked from "obscurity" to be McCain's running mate. How does it follow that an elected governor of one of the fifty states is obscure? Had environmentalists and first-amendment rights activists been following Palin's rise this whole time? Was she really beyond liberals' and other leftists' or the media's telescope? The media are still acting "pleasantly stunned" about Palin's selection and claiming that it upstaged the entire democratic convention. One of our friends, a D.C. bureau correspondent for a major U.S. paper, attended the democratic convention and sat in the front row for all the major speeches. He said that in all his years of covering political rallies, he had never been so moved, so transported, so blown away by events on stage. How could the sudden emergence of Sarah Palin s(t)eal the election we have for this long witnessed? She's younger than Hillary, has slenderer ankles, fewer wrinkles, loves all babies ...

One of her daughters is PIP-er.

An article by Andrew Hacker in the September 25 issue of The New York Review of Books, "Prejudice Against Obama," persuades me to do something: write poems for people in cities & rural areas who lack driver's licenses or other photo ID, which they need to register. I'm voting absentee in MN, where the race will be tighter.

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