Friday, September 12, 2008


The sponsors are inclining, declining, and deciding. Let’s agree not to miff them.

The names of the hurricanes were German: Katrina in 2005; Gustav, Hannah, then “I” as in ice storm, I-I as in Ike. Slow down, Ike. We prayed or “thought along" with the midnight radio broadcaster for Ike to slow. Hannah whipped our trees around, but we stayed dry; we didn’t drive anywhere. “Leave Galveston Island or face certain death.” We could say the same to Ike.

Ms. Palin got her first passport last year to go to Kuwait. Before that, she had left the country for trips to Canada and Mexico. Just as George W. Bush lost the popular election to Al Gore, just as the Supreme Court appointed him to be President, just as they are not yet awaiting impeachment, so is Sen. John McCain appointing Sarah Palin to be Vice President before the Supreme Court ... "The only constant is change." The more I look at Ms. Palin, the more I think she ought to be ambassador to Turkey.

Friends, oh loose ends, robbed corners, distant errors, remote dissent, a husband, a wife, a literary life in the balance, in the wings, a coop in the hand, a house in the bush, countrified gents, hermits, guests, cancer everywhere but here – sign, sign.

Free the peace activists charged with hatching terrorist plots in Minneapolis!

Exclamation grave.

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