Monday, July 23, 2007

Other letter (excerpt)

A., ... due to our recent revelation about I-Ching, I asked again about writing & me. ... It gave me "3" again, w/ several changing lines, so I read it carefully. Then I asked more simply about me, and it gave me "59". This is identical to what it gave in Houston, when I was so intent on studying it. So, I can look at those two hexagrams together or meditate about them. In Houston, you were "11" wh. is Peace. The hexagrams were that way as I phrased the questions -- about the person-in-the-world but also about their writing places in it. If that makes sense. The top line in "3" is very difficult & explains years of feeling luck ... there is a way, apparently, for the difficulties to be overcome, but sometimes they are too serious in that line. I am thinking so much of genre, as you likely know, and of "letters" wh. I wrote a lot (of editing those), of books (if any), of other designs, such as short story (where I started following earlier poetry), of poetry (of pub'g) if any. ...

... All of it [genre studies] sort of emerged by definition, as did spirituality in the main culture.

... B.L. mentions her dread of the abuse of language, and in some ways I feel that is how to define my pugilist arrogance in talking up to God, how breaking that was, how Greek & against Aries. ... Higher power, something no one in AA could help discuss, no one I met there, is more reasonable (for audience), lighter, sweeter, or God on high is watching on not addressed. I had none of that then & if anyone did, due to the nature of anonymity in the structured spiritual groups, no one said. The new agers/short-form poets/experimentalists-in-the-wings (waiting for others' falls) danced between lily pads w/o that strain to their next. ... Books I tried to find then in the stores were not there, bec. they had not been written yet, books I used later as "recovery" from that mistaken direction/path, defined as bipolar. ...

[This is all right.]

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