Thursday, April 10, 2008


Didn't less. Borrowed mute. Frank discoverer. Lead trumpet. Fingers tux. Car stole. Friends rounded. Simile pervaded. Song decanted. Seller broker. Boston number. Teal parrotlet. Frog queued. Rain ignited. Gray developer. Sand track. Imperial whiner. Father surface. Life feminine. Hooker streaming. Misogyny effects. Black castle. Swiss uncle. Storm shelter.

The housekeeper, Cheyenne, lost her son to a trainwreck, his lie. The housekeeper, Cheyenne, fishing for a rich man at Love Happens lost her son to a trainwreck, his lie. The mother, Cheyenne, fishing for a rich man at lost her son to a trainwreck, a lie. The fishwife, Cheyenne, fishing for a rich man at a dating website lost her son to a trainwreck, a lie.

Tell the pastor the trouble is. 4/18. The trouble is the missing son. The man going missing is powerful -- he is powerful -- as powerful as sun -- sun strokes a tree just once in the early morning; he strokes the nieces' lives all day. "Just stroking me." Like Woody Allen, only kinder, marries his niece: which one? Sun strokes the same branch he sees her seeing. He marries Sheldon's grandniece. He marries Edward's niece. He marries Jack's daughter. The lesser niece steals cooking from the elder niece. Steals patronage. He sees his place in things. He is a Catholic grandheir. More powerful than sunlight on a young branch in lower Manhattan.

He would have her evicted, he tells Cheyenne, after inviting her here to be wed. He tells Cheyenne no niece of mine. Cheyenne says our sons died in wrecks. Let's marry. Cherry Blossoms frill the trees. He reaches for his glasses. Spitzer, he says. Bruno. Ha, ha, ha, Cheyenne says. Then -- moment, she hushes him, a sound from her family. Bring them with you, he says.

Cheyenne collides with Saint Ann, the bellwether, on the receiver. You're out, I'm in, Cheyenne warns her. Saint Ann tells herself, here comes a little chickadee to eat a husband. The chickadee eats the husband. The husband eats the Saint. The Saint vies to be let out of the husband's sunblock. The Saint holds nothing against birds. The Saint cherishes truffles au phon. The Saint's sister takes $20 to her dossier. This is her bouvier. The Saint's sister is mortal, Careen. The Saint says there's a car wreck in the story, just not that one; Careen counts the electronic cash. By me, she says distinctly when he calls, her sister the Saint in his belly, a health complaint. The chickadee au grave.

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