Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blog Reader Appreciation Day

April 16, 2008

The Madonna Option: Write a post thanking your readers for putting up with your foibles, mistakes, and eccentricities (a list) and being loyal to you (your blog) no matter what.

Foibles, mistakes and eccentricities:

A. Always
B. Begging
C. Clarinet
D. Daring
E. Effort
F. Forgiveness
G. Gratitude
H. Wearing hats too much
I. Ingenuity
J. Jesus-talk
K. Kindness
L. Love
M. Miles without a map
N. Nuisance
O. Openness
P. Politics
Q. Quizzicalness
R. Remembering
S. Safety
T. Texas
U. University
V. Veils
W. Wax
X. Xenophoria
Y. Yes
Z. Zig zagging

Yet readers might enjoy reading it. Thanks to the reader!


Robin said...

Thanks to the writer. I love this post!