Friday, February 15, 2008

Fortunes in cookies, 2007

"One should always be in love." -- Oscar Wilde
(at Palomino after wedding dress shopping in Minneapolis, 2/17/08)

Fortunes gathered from cookies since last year:

Success won't taste so good, without failure as appetizers.
Your career is moving more and more towards service to others.
Your present plans are going to succeed.
Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may diet.
Do onto others as you wish others to do onto you.
Your goal will be reached very soon.
Your courage is like a kite; big wind raises it higher.
The only rose without a thorn is friendship.
Someone is looking up to you. Don't let that person down.
You will be extremely successful in business.
A good deed will make you feel good.
You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.
You are courteous, diplomatic and affable and find happiness in serving others.
You are a gentleman of outstanding wisdom.
When you speak honestly and openly, others truly listen to you.
You will receive fantastic support from someone who truly believes in you.
When one must, one can.
Business trips bring excellent results, especially for sales.
A clean conscience is a soft pillow.
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
A small incident will develop to your advantage.
Your worries will vanish if you face them bravely.
Be careful and systematic in your business arrangements.
No real excellence can be separated from right living.
People will find it difficult to resist your propositions.
Happier days are definitely ahead for you. Struggle has ended.
A big fortune will descend upon you this year.

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