Thursday, February 14, 2008


From Robin Reagler's blog:

She Was Really Saying Something

... I mentioned last week that I wanted to throw a blog party, carnival, or harmonic convergence. Here's the idea. It's easy and quick. If everyone does it, it might be a lot of fun.

I'm not big on weddings. Never had one, except for this little bit of blogging. For the rest of the week, if you're game, follow this theme. You can post a photo, memory, poem, music, or a combination. Try to surprise us.

Tuesday 2/12 -- Something old

2/12 is the birthday of my favorite old lover, which sounds as if I mean he is old, but by which I mean our love affair is older. He asked me, please, not to refer to him on my blog as my "ex-boyfriend." I shall never be your ex-boyfriend, he said, but am your loving-friend.

Wednesday 2/13 -- Something new

212 is to be my new area code. 2/13 is the birthday of a beautiful man I met last year. He is not my old lover nor my new one. My new one is my old one. His old one -- her -- left a year ago. A year ago, the beautiful man was my new one, new then.

Thursday 2/14 -- Something borrowed

I borrowed a lot of money in my day & repaid it in paper wads and time. But let's not forget that I repaid much of it in hard-earned money, too.

Friday 2/15 -- Something blue

My engagement ring, a sapphire, see below (inset). I have become a mute woman since he gave it to me on January 15. Love is a very decent word when. We.

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Best Wishes, Ana!

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