Saturday, January 27, 2007

Rice Crackers

Two approaches to deciphering and remarking our condition in America today: quilts and rice crackers.

Not particularly maternal and slavishly sexual we make rice crackers. Believing in the power of plain talk to revitalize the obituated giant we make quilts.

Q (g) u i (l) t.

Rice cracker: slightly sweet and slightly salty Chinese appetizer. Tease and oddity. Symbol of food. Rice cracker: our body on the tongue of the synogogue.

A woman's body is not Art. A woman's dimensions are not compressible to the fact of a cracker or definite as the pattern of a quilt. A woman is what.

What form might a woman's writing take besides quilts and rice crackers? What leaves or vase or tools might deliver her language and literature without the delicate omissions and parti-colored busy-ness of quilts and rice crackers?

Unusable language is silencing screams, signs, and villages.

(Nov. 12, 1988)

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