Saturday, January 06, 2007

Maiden names

Men were using women. Women were asking for it -- to be of use to men -- and what did the men want them for? To be "women." A woman has hair on her head, covering her ears and neck and shoulders, but in no other place (except two narrow arches over her eyes and lashes). A woman's hair is rarely of a color of her own but comes from a chair, a treatment chair where she learns to be correct in her colors. A woman earns all her own dough (a slang word for flower). Dough is a color, the color of M&Ms, the colors of plastic cards. Each of the cards represents men, her suitors; they are colorful and holographic cards who ask for her, send to her, pay for her, provide for her, supervise her, and who know her name and her mother's maiden name. The men enjoy using the women -- on her plural-her usefulness they spend 39 cents to send a greeting card. The men keep the women's maiden names ready. Maiden names screech to far-keeping fathers.

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