Wednesday, June 10, 2009

12 sentences

One blade of the ceiling fan flew off the base. (10)
He loved me last century. (5)
It blew him back and singed his eyelashes to light the oven. (12)
I loved his face in profile. (6)
I loved him from two barstools. (6)
Irish bar, Irish ale, Irish jukebox. (6)
I loved you over the phone. (6)
Your books are old for men younger then. (8)
My books are for friends. (5)
There are books yet to read inside me. (8)
One of them is Der Zauberberg. (6)
Final words: “Am I facing uptown or downtown?” (8)

1 comment:

Carol Novack said...

directions for Mill

Face eastsidetown today, westsidetown tomorrow. Never ever midtown!

Face your face every other seven minutes past the hour, except when sleeping.

Remove loose hairs daily.

Breathe carefully, taking care of stones.

Moderate your water drinking. Try as you may, you will never amount to an ocean.

Consult Mapquest for further instructions.