Monday, March 23, 2009

Citizens: a fragment

B: Write an essay about war for the checklist.
A: Did it, only it was a short story.
B: Write a poem with synecdoche.
A: I confuse it with metonymy.
B: Write a poem about the economy.
A: I did that, but it's a cut-up.
B: Write a short story about men for the gym teacher. Write a candle for the century.
A: How do I end it?
B: Write a synopsis.
A: I wrote a synopsis for the regional agent. They were unimpressed.
B: Write about sex. Write a negligee.
A: I wrote about sex. My friend wrote a negligee. Agents were unimpressed.
B: Write for your friends.
A: I lost my friends.
B: What if men are your friends?
A: Start over.
B: Forget the past.
A: Cry.
B: Die.
A: Sing.
B: A useful talent.
A: I need the past for writing purposes.
B: The moment is all.
A: For artists, not for writers.
B: Write a long joke.
A: Various items -- puddles, frogs, fog, flag stripes.
B: Term litmus.
A: Self-leadership.
B: Encourage, enlighten, and entertain.
A: Be loyal, frank, and merry.
B: Marry for love.
A: Substitute Swiss for German.
B: Buy now.
A: Do nothing.

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Lydia Netzer said...

I like this. I think the dissolution happens at just the right moment. Very cool.