Monday, February 16, 2009

"I" pronoun-noun-verb succession

And I smoked when/presentation was on Dada/I would refuse to/might think it’s a/other in the evenings/who writes/man for/in it -- but I/complex chronological design. I/times that you are/my museum since/a love affair and/person male point of/said he was three-quarters/of now but will/letter to you and/sworn off shaving -- it/brother to see/your stories. I wanted/after/or wouldn’t that I/nights on one of/novel/that my aesthetician, Kathy/to one of her/the toilet. The Comcast/sold me the corner/desk and cupboards. The/whether there were Irish/our plan to/bars were/Irish people. I went/you. Our weekend was/that “sex” had been/retained/I’ll remember it -- the/opportunity to see each/something -- a timeframe -- that/been how I began/by proving his heritage/we went to the/laughed/referred to in her/saw myself as beyond/Irish men. There was/talks in NYC about/have mentioned Irish blood/going in for salon/mother for Valentine’s Day/was worried about the/dubbed him Michael/has set foot in/that day, the night/blood in/off haircuts and touch-ups/people smoked besides. We/the nights/by cloudy Binghamton. When/not from Ireland, but/about which she knows/like your Pendleton sweater/the “debt.” What we/day, the time. He/and I might have/his sketchpad, and this/drawing became a/Maureen, writes about Irish/our Greek-American friend/almost nothing -- and the/monument to friendship that/he was all German/turret where his son/add too much. I/visited Irish bars in/reader might care very/learned more than usual/installers, twice. The man/before? My friend/Michael in Texas, I/Tomas and Michael were/named James Johnson Sweeney/to impersonate men/about writer’s block rather/the bottom fell out/it. Marie Ponsot told/less interesting than/certificate for paint/treatments/something I was given/finish my novel about/everything we learned. We/people called him Mikey/that point begin to/doesn’t exist. It was/a Harley Davidson salesman/move to Ireland merely/she is emotionally frozen/Binghamton/had gone on a/a businessman in Brooklyn/I’ll compose a/move to Canada, something/mother’s past as “rendering”/I talked about it, Michael/and facials and manicures/row with Deb. She/started then. Later I/drew my lips in/closing, and we/it all weekend -- I/Americans whose/to before that. It/plays drums. He/the years I lived in/a man/to color/me, though his last/have set foot in/Irish and one-quarter German/to iterate stories of/that I had crossed/Feb. 12, and I’d/three poems and contracts/bathroom renovation, and/the create a cut-up/she’d found so one-note/creating a bomb that/to report it. It/call love or banging/he’d asked his mother/for a seminar. My/him paint. Perhaps I’ll/before I/disappointing/about the writer’s duty/realized early but didn’t/set foot. The owner’s/and his son who/in Zurich, and while/about him and about/other people in her/Rothenberg course. He and/to have had a/happened and that/name/no man/Jerry smoked again. Other/little pissed off that/first person, male point/friend was/immobilized in her apartment/male characters in fiction/world are much more/date with someone we/that spans 30 pages/she is a poet/named ISM-GISM. A novel/how I’m not always/a decision about wrongdoing/believe. Why wouldn’t his/American, I told him/had many Irish friends/short story, really leave/first/house is empty/nothing. Someone being funny/I moved here on/then he got a/much to the conversation/the evening, and I/contained its own happinesses/she’d told him that/it might not add/romance except a potted/women writers and other/sells cars now as/of it, to show/my museum since I/Abe Lincoln’s 200th birthday/ancestors were from Ireland/the first time. The/which distressed me. He/might/and that is how/I came to avoid/now the/the short story is/talked to him earlier/(time being) and swore/pretended to be bored/wrote five short stories/lifetime and that would/the rest I told/mother or his father/and one of them/than about a rock band/over -- that must have/right -- a few men/that I can’t think/but that/introduces a novel that/on the phone. He/was nothing I could/he seemed Irish to/but he stayed in/give him some paint/the position of having/mirror -- when I thought/writing it in the/by/all the cuts have/about the gasket under/would last a/you, that I could at/happy days but was/Tomas, sat in the/was German. The next/done smoking and before/after he’d told me/16. One man has/if only I hadn’t/in the original Jerry/shaving when I swore/was the motorcycle salesman/birthday in the least/his business. Let’s cut/this us and send/Binghamton afterall; he bought/my friend, but other/her inability to make/been made, story that/moved her one Jan./but in the third/little about her, because/to say a few/might put in myself/translation reading/Irish, but/Texas and/write/was awkward sticking to/told me he could/cupboards have a name/was not enjoying his/for the first time/finish writing this to/said there was; he/us in her talk/with whom I ate/Jerry wasn’t smoking I/you had said that/picked out for her/to write little or/I met the other/send him a gift/cobalt blue with copper/there was such an/threatened it when Irish/in Chicago. It was/their family, and she’d/I met in AA/fat chance I’d send/sat in the back/it that way, without/leave it as a/a house with a/he asked me to/flowering plant from my/and/pedicures. I told you/so that is how/we never did nor/time I saw him/out of/movie stars in the/view. The woman in/already, so I thought/it off (for the/turn out to be/at Perkins many, many/to remind me of/of view/active and engaged, and/he told me that/no one’s fault, just/you. I’m showing you/visited, even though we/had his birthday on/row and smoked when/Jan. 16. I enjoyed

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