Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Honor" and other words with "ho" in them at Ana Verse

who whom show those whose should hold holding ethos thought thoughts telephone phone photo photos hosting hotel metaphor wholeness whole author authors short story How without neighborhood shout shouting though hope hopes hoped home school schooling behooves Thoreau shop shops shopped shopping shoe shoes House chocolate hockey although Peterhof honey hour hours orthodox Mokhovaya Thomas homelessness alcohol alcoholic Soho xenophoria housing wholly authority thoroughly hounded Psychologists honest honesty honestly thorn shorter shortest Houston Teahouse anthology scholarship homepage Hors-d’oeuvre shoot choices however anyhow shoulder shouldery shots chop chops hover hovers hooligan hoists horse horses poncho Hosta Halloween Ghosts Hoss Housekeeping Cohosh Hogging Melancholy Pochoir pathology thousand thousands poorhouse hood horny hostess Catholic childhood headshots shook hormones horrible shouldn’t throughout choose honor shoves saxophone Beethoven hospital hook shore shores hot Hopkins Howard holing shoo underhoof hombre househusband holler chose lithokons Holocaust horsemen holsters wholly barbershop symphonies Shockley Holmes shorthand honors honored workshop echo echoingly housecleaning Chekhov cahoots anchored choking holographic shortly Houdini somehow method cathood hopping Jericho homosexuals method homage shortcuts horseback headphones crackhouse Honduras priesthood anchor upholstery menthol porkchop Shoppe shock horticultures Holly homebase shovel hooked photographer shown hops hon


Elizabeth said...

Love the concept, and the "who . . . should" sequence really draws me in, makes me question the provenance and possession of the cultural artifacts that follow.

Michelle said...

I'm hearing and looking at "ho" in a new light, Ann.

Robin said...

tis the season!