Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How This Works

Work is archived at Ana Verse since Jan. 2006. The earliest entries in real-time are a poem from 1983 and a photo from 1962. By referring to the index or using links to tagged genres, you may read along the lines of interest or view photos of the garden (which together make a narrative).

There are to date 261 entries, of which 224 are viewable & 37 listed as in draft form. If you wish to read the entire blog in the order it was written -- as a mixed-genre book -- it will help to know there are 12 display pages w/ 20 entries per page. I suggest reading the entries by the month.

Although I interspersed genres in ms. form before the internet, the weblog form has revolutionized this practice & created interesting questions about chronology not possible with print.

"Go, little book."

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