Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Hallowed E'en
A night, a day for getting even
Put on a hat
or faded dungarees
Streak your lips with ash
Fill your slip with peas

March, strike, like a petty officer
Mock, flaunt, pretend you're what you are
It's Hallow e'en
It's a very Happy Day

Ghosts, witches, cats and bats
It's the Black Day
It's the Orange Day
Smash a pumpkin, curse a witch, it's
twenty years bad luck
Bad luck, they say, is worse than no luck
You know it's the same
You know it's your day

Put on a suit
Ride to State Street on a broom
Drink some noxious tonic
Take your lover, too
It's a mad day
It's a death day

Isn't it time you die, too?

(c) 1985

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