Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A work of writing is old and new. It's old because words are old and meanings are familiar. It's new because words move causally and causelessly to new tempos and creeds. Creeds are old and new. A creed is an issue. A child is an issue. A writer is a child. An issue is a word. An issue is: I miss you. Or a political issue, the old insoluble. Or a personal issue, I miss you. All the same issue. In writing there's meaning, bent, and shape but there's you and I miss you. I missed you is the same issue. We missed the boat, or also, we missed the landing. We missed church or switched church. The practitioner misses tea for church or God for earth, some combination like that. Some missing, which is a word for fail. Failing is saying no to grace. Missing the boat or the landing, one of those. Grace is letting issues be creeds, new, old, too many to name, all the same.

(ca. 1982)

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