Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Journal Entry, March 1, 2006

I suppose I ought to mention how good it feels to have a job. I feel more like an American, whereas while I did not have a job, I felt like not a citizen. Having a job takes away some of my concerns about citizenship, which were so overpowering that I wanted to write a new amendment to the Constitution that would guarantee appropriate work for all. The International Declaration of Human Rights guarantees that, but who listens to the UN? I do. It was like being a member of the UN but a citizen of no country to experience the type of unemployment I have experienced for ten years. Freelance is so difficult because men think it means "prostitute." There is considerable evidence that Magdalene was not a prostitute; the Pope himself said so in the 1960s. Religion is not the source of people's obsession with prostitution. For my part, I am glad I have not been a prostitute, as poor as I have been. To be a prostitute is to separate the envelope from the letter, the onion from its skin, the apple from its peel. The letter is not deliverable; the onion turns to rubber in the refrigerator; the apple turns brown.

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