Curriculum Vitae (January 18, 2017)

Curriculum Vitae

Ann M. Bogle


M.F.A.     University of Houston, fiction, 1994.
M.A.         Binghamton University, English and fiction, 1988.
B.A.          University of Wisconsin-Madison, English, 1984.

Fellowships, Awards, Honors, Recognitions

Wigleaf Top 50 2013; Summer Literary Seminars contest in poetry judged by Ann Lauterbach, finalist, 2009; Minnesota State Arts Board Grant, creative nonfiction, 1998; Loft Mentor Series, finalist, 1997; Tuition fellowship for women graduate students in Texas, 1992–93; Inprint, Inc. Fellowship, UH, 1990; Stella Ehrhardt Fellowship, UH, 1990; Newhouse Writing Fellowship, SUNY, 1986; Mary Brabyn Wackman Scholarship in English, UW, 1982 and 1984, Honors Program UW.


Books and Chapbooks

Country Without a Name, 24 stories, with illustrations by Daniel Harris, forthcoming from Veery Imprints. 

Country Without a Name, 24 memfics and prose poems, art by Daniel Harris, design by Marc Vincenz, edited by Bill Yarrow, published by Jeffrey Side, Argotist eBooks, July 2011, 44 pages.

Solzhenitsyn Jukebox, five stories, with cover art by Rachel Lisi, published by Jeffrey Side, Argotist eBooks, 2010, 33 pages. Animated eBook trailer by Meg Pokrass with dialogue based on a review by James Robison, YouTube, November 4, 2010.

Ana Verse, 300 entries from the weblog (2006–2009), Blurb, color, hard cover (three copies) and soft cover (four copies), May 24, 2009, 362 pages. Contact author.

Publications (continued)

Books and Chapbooks (continued)

Ana Verse, Volume 2, 94 entries from the weblog (2009-2011), Blurb, color, hard cover (desk copy) and soft cover (desk copy), February 5, 2011, 146 pages. Contact author.

Dog barks up a tree at the apple left in it under a deerslim moon, 18 poems (1983–2007), designed by Kai Fierle Hedrick for Orium Press of the Dusie Kollektiv, 2008-2009.

XAM: Paragraph Series, fourteen prose poems (1998) with lithokons by mIEKAL aND, Xexoxial Editions, November 18, 2005.


“I Am Vertical,” Like a Fat, Gold Watch—A Sylvia Plath Anthology, Christine Hamm, Ed., 2018.

“Letter to John Berryman,” The Right Way to Be Crippled and Naked, Michael Northen and Sheila Black, Eds., Cinco Puntos Press (El Paso: Texas), 2017.

“Credo,” “Lake Onegin,” and “The Writer to Her Lawyer in Siberia,” OtherStream anthology, Marc Vincenz, Ed., accepted.

“1974: What I Wanted,” story, Year One, fwriction : review, Danny Goodman, Ed., 2011.

“This Was Called War At One Time,” four excerpts from Work on What Has Been Spoiled: “Typing Practice,” “Bastille Day,” “Theft,” and “Scream,” included in Neuromantic Fiction, an anthology of 25 Black Ice writers, Mark Amerika, Matt Samet, and Clint Ruhlman, Eds., released in July 2001 as an eBook and in paper in Fall 2001.

Ana Verse (date range: January 16, 2006 to present): Index at Ana Verse:

At Fictionaut, 2009-2018.


“Boring Boy,” “Pretty Face,” “Necessary Heat,” “Keep the Peace,” “Perfect Lady,” “My Notes on ‘Quittin' Ain't Easy’,” “The Keratin Experience,” “Uterus,” and “Hardware Store Tour,” Connotation Press, Robert Clark Young, Ed., Issue II, Volume VII: November 2015.

Comme Ça, Camroc Press Review, Barry Basden, Ed., April 22, 2015.

Publications (continued)

Journals (continued)

“A Figure Left the Building,” “Monday Lunch,” “Clockwhipped,” and “Action she feels as folly, I respond,” Truck, Miekal And, Ed., Feburary 1, 2015.

“The Boy Ran in the Street,” New Flash Fiction Review, Meg Pokrass, Ed., December 10, 2014.

“1918, 1944, 1991, and now” and “Letter to John Berryman,” Reading LoopWordgathering, Mike Northen, Ed., September 12, 2014.

“Next Time, Academics” and “Sandyfall,” MadHat 15, Marc Vincenz, Ed., January 2014.

“The Keratin Experience,” Altered Scale Blog, Jeff Hansen, Ed., accepted for September 2013.

"Rocky 4,” Thrice Fiction, issue 8, R.W. Spryszak, Ed., August 2013.

“Dreams from the Station,” Gargoyle, 60, includes “Dream about Leo,” “Dream about the W.A.S.P.s,” “Dream in Snow Circle,” “Dreams-in-progress,” and “Kin of His,” Richard Peabody, Ed., June 2013.

“Neat,” Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series, The Blue Collection 3: Collaboration, ekphrastic story based on Dorothee Lang’s “Berlin Past and Present” and comment, December 26, 2012.

“Mariposa,” “Virgo,” and “Hysteria,” Camroc Press Review, Barry Basden, Ed., September 5, 2012.

“The Cool Report,” Mad Hatters’ Review, 13, Marc Vincenz, Ed., May 1, 2012.

“Dumb Luck,” Asymptote, Lee Yew Leong, Ed., April 16, 2012.

“First Sex,” Altered Scaleblog, Jefferson Hansen, Ed., April 9, 2012.

“Still Life in a Bowl,” Intellectual Refuge, Christopher Schnieders, Ed., April 6, 2012.

“Animals in Reverse,” “Curfew,” “Rock Band Days,” “The Code is on the Street,” and “Meryl Streep Laughed at That,” Altered Scale, Jefferson Hansen, Ed., March 2012.

“Meryl Streep Laughed at That” with my photo “Lake Harriet” and “The Code is on the Street” with my photo “Grey Nuns,” printed as broadsides by Altered Scale, Jefferson Hansen, Ed., March 2012. Wigleaf Top 50 in 2013, “Meryl Streep Laughed at That”.

“In a Basket,” Thrice Fiction, No. 4, R.W. Spryszak, Ed., March 2012.

Publications (continued)

Journals (continued)

 “Hymen,” Ragazine, Mettà Sama and Mike Foldes, Eds., January/February 2012.

 “Letters, notes, conversations, partings,” THIS Literary Magazine, Joani Reese and Bill Yarrow, Eds., January/February 2012.

“Dream about Leo,” Annandale Dream Gazette, Lynn Behrendt, Ed., November 28, 2011.

“Time,” Thrice Fiction, No. 3: Time! issue, R.W. Spryszak, October 2011.

“Free Country,” “She lets her intentions guide her,” “Hooker,” and “Two Hundred Fifty,” Thrice Fiction, No. 2: Perfect! issue, R.W. Spryszak, Ed., July 2011.

“Po-Cash,” Mad Hatters’ Review Blog, Marc Vincenz, Ed., June 29, 2011.

“1974, What I Wanted,” fwriction : review, Danny Goodman, Ed., June, 2011.

Gerade rechts zum Volkszimmer,” Big City Lit, Nick Johnson, Ed., art by Daniel Harris, May 2011.

Un(en)titled,” excerpt, reply to Claudia Rankine’s Open Letter, March 11, 2011.

“Unclear Antecedent (Uncl./Ant.),” column, Mad Hatters’ Review, issue 12, Carol Novack, Ed., 2011.

“Inaccrochable,” Wigleaf, Scott Garson, Ed., 2010.

“Driving Years,” Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry, Mike Northen, Ed., 2010.

“Members of the Story,” Blip magazine, now called New World Writing, Gary Percesepe and Sarah Lippmann, Eds., Fall Issue, October 1, 2010.

Raisins” with Metaview no. 2, Metazen, Frank Hinton and Julie Innis, Eds., June 17, 2010.

“She lets her intentions guide her” at 52/250 A Year of Flash, Michelle Elvy, Ed., June 7, 2010.

Tinges of Envy or How You Learn” with Metaview no. 1, Metazen, Frank Hinton and Julie Innis, Eds., May 25, 2010.

“Fiancée,” Istanbul Literary Review, Susan Tepper, Ed., May 2010 Edition. No longer archived.

The Housecoat” (1987) and “Mugabe Western" (1985), Big Bridge, 14, Michael Rothenberg and Vernon Frazer, Eds., 2009.

Publications (continued)

Journals (continued)

Excerpts from Work on What Has Been Spoiled (1988–1993), Big Bridge, 14, Michael Rothenberg and Vernon Frazer, Eds., 2009.

“Tighten, Tighten, Tighten,” “How It Makes Sense,” “A Note on Modernism,” “Go Home,” and “Cut It Up,” columns at Mike’s Writing Workshop and Newsletter, Mike Geffner, Ed., 2009.

“The Gift” (1991), “Cigs,” (1991), and “Rule Out Euthymia” (1995), Mad Hatters’ Review, Carol Novack, Ed., issue 10, music by Brutus Filius Ioannis, Novo Iorco, Fall 2008.

Three short fictions: “Red Squirrel,” “Jungle,” and “Trent Kesey,” Minnetonka Review, issue 2, Troy Ehlers, Ed., March 2008.

“The Sitzer” (1997), Big Bridge 13, Vernon Frazer and Michael Rothenberg, Eds., March 2, 2008.

“Dreams-in-progress,” “Dream in Snow Circle,” and “Dream about the W.A.S.P.s,” Annandale Dream Gazette, Lynn Behrendt, Ed., 2007-2008.

“Conditions of a Narrator,” foreword to Work on What Has Been Spoiled, Birthdays of Poets, Andrew Christ, Ed., December 30, 2008.

“Primary Creative: ‘Cyril in Texas,’ ‘Blind Date,’ and ‘Rut’,” Big Bridge 11, Vernon Frazer and Michael Rothenberg, Eds., 2006.

“Almanac” (1986) and “Hogging the Lady” (1999), Poetic Inhalation, Vernon Frazer, Ed., February 2005.

 “Cousin” (1991), Submodern Fiction, Mark Wallace, Ed. (Washington, DC) issue 1, 2003.

“Texas Was Better” (1990), Submodern Fiction, Mark Wallace, Ed., (Washington, DC) issue 1, 2003.

“This Was Called War At One Time,” four excerpts from Work on What Has Been Spoiled: “Typing Practice,” “Bastille Day,” “Theft,” and “Scream,” Black Ice, Ronald Sukenick, Ed., 1999.

“Influence,” Cool Hearts, with interview, Jason Sanford, Ed. (Minneapolis, MN: The Cool Hearts Collective) Issue 1, Winter 1999.

“My Crush on Daniel Ortega” (1990), Washington Review, Heather Fuller, Ed. (Washington, DC: Friends of the Washington Review of the Arts) vol. xxiii, no. 5, February/March, 1998.

Publications (continued)

Journals (continued)

“Living Colors,” under pen name Stephen Green, Houston Life, Maria Moss, Ed. (Houston, TX) March–April, 1995.

“What Kiss,” Gulf Coast (Houston: University of Houston) Vol. VI., i., 1993.

“Hors-d’oeuvre,” The Quarterly, Gordon Lish, Ed. (New York: Vintage) No. 10, 1989.

“Tinges of Envy or How You Learn,” Fiction International, Harold Jaffe, Ed. (San Diego: San Diego State University Press) Issue 18:1, 1988.

“Fairness,” The Quarterly, Gordon Lish, Ed. (New York: Vintage) No. 8, 1988.

“Chinese,” The Quarterly, Gordon Lish, Ed. (New York: Vintage) No. 6, 1988.


At Fictionaut, 2009-2018.

“Strobe Genre, Utah!” and “On the truth,” Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series, Michelle Elvy, Ed., June 30, 2015.

“Fertility,” Luna Luna, Lisa Marie Basile, Ed., June 18, 2015.

Four poems, The Poetry Storehouse with audio recordings by Nic Sebastian, Karsten Piper, Ann Bogle, and audio remix by Bruce Johnson, March 15, 2015.

“Robins,” matchbookFebruary 17, 2014.

“Florence’s Weekend,” Big Bridge, poetry about trees folio, Thomas Devaney, Ed., May 2012.

“Get Me to the Church on Time,” October Babies, reprinted, March 4, 2011.

“Acceptance is to her a phenomenon,” group reading, Whale Sound, Nic Sebastian, Ed., 2011.

“Basal Distance,”Wordgathering: a Journal of Disability Poetry, Mike Northen, Ed., 2010.

XAM: Paragraph Series, Xexoxial Editions, 2005, featured at The Cartier Street Review, Bernard Alain, Ed., March 2009.

“Another girl to figure out,” “Catnip,” “Haiku Romance,” “Head,” “Key of James,” “Many how are seid,” and “This is Why I Loved You,” The Argotist Online, Jeffrey Side, Ed., 2009.

Publications (continued)

Poetry (continued)

“Frontiers Yugoslavia Thirty Notwithstanding,” “Get Me to the Church on Time,” and “Graffiti non gratis,” onedit, 12, Tim Atkins, Ed., 2009.

 “One Vowel Trafficking,” “Evening at Christa Forster’s with Tim Liu, Dave, Eddie Selden, and Chuck Scott,” and “The Question Was What You,” The Mad Hatter’s Review, Mad Hatters’ Revue (New York, NY), May 4, 2008.

“Dime,” The Facebook Review, 2.2, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Ed., Nov. 27, 2007.

“Basal Distance,” MiPOradio, The Countdown 20 featuring Arlene Ang, Bob Marcacci, Ed., Feb. 27, 2007 and audio recording at Ana Verse.

“Poem for Spring” and “Get Me to the Church on Time,”P.F.S. Post, Adam Fieled, Ed., 2007.

“Borgo Was 29 on His Birthday” (2001), ~*~ W_O_M_B ~*~ , Michelle Detorie, Ed., issue one, January 15, 2007.

“It’s the end of a cycle” (1996), untitled first-line poem, ars poetica, Dan Waber, Ed., 2007.

“It’s the end of a cycle,” selected for inclusion in The Best Poems and Poets of 2005 (Owen Mills, MD: The International Library of Poetry), 2006.

“Florence’s Weekend,” Touch of Tomorrow, Howard Ely, Ed. (Owen Mills, MD: The International Library of Poetry) hardcover, 2004.

Essays, Letters, and Writing on Literature

Ongoing correspondence and work in belles lettres, including writerly essays on H.D., Pound, Hawthorne, Melville, Milton, Freud, Stein, Cather, Cixous, Woolf, Plath, and others.


Jeffrey Side and Jake Berry, Outside Voices: an email correspondence (Otoliths, 2010), review, originally planned for Big Bridge.

Amy King’s I Want to Make You Safe, review, TBD, 2012.

Editor's Eye, the Blog of the Fictionaut, Michelle Elvy, Series Editor, August 30, 2013.

Morgan Harlow's Midwest Ritual Burning, review, Books at Fictionaut, July 25, 2013.

Publications (continued)

Reviews (continued)

Ann Beattie’s Mrs. Nixon, review, Rain Taxi, Eric Lorberer, Ed., Spring 2012, page 8, and in its original form at Books at Fictionaut, May 30, 2013.

Susan Tepper’s From the Umberplatzen, A Love Story, review, Books at Fictionaut, June 28, 2012.

Carol Novack’s Giraffes in Hiding, tributary review, Books at Fictionaut, April 26, 2012.

Larissa Shmailo’s In Paran, review, Books at Fictionaut, March 8, 2012.

Meg Pokrass’s Damn Sure Right, review, Books at Fictionaut, February 2, 2012.

“With a sense of disclosure: Molly Gaudry’s We Take Me Apart,” American Book Review, David C. Felts, Ed., November/December 2011, page 27.

Prakash Kona’s Nunc Stans and Bobbi Lurie’s Grief Suite, reviews, Mad Hatters’ Review, issue 12, Carol Novack, Ed., 2011.

“at ‘night’ any night is can’t”: review of Leslie Scalapino’s Autobiography, Chant de la Sirene, Laura Hinton, Ed., June 2, 2010.

On Free Verse: The Collaborative Artists’ Book,” a report from the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Chant de la Sirene, Laura Hinton, Ed., April 20, 2009.

“The Secret Fall of Constance Wilde” by Thomas Kilroy at Guthrie Theater, review, The O Scholars 45, July/August 2008.

“Steady Keel: A Perennial Review of Leo Kottke’s Thanksgiving Concert at the Ordway Music Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota” (1999–2001), The Lyre, Arthur Bernstein, Ed. (Viroqua, WI) issue 1, January 2007.


Take One with Lynn Beighley about my group, M_ILLNESS, at Fictionaut, August-November, 2012.

Monday Chat at Fictionaut with Bill Yarrow about my poem, “Letters, notes, conversations, partings,” March 26, 2012.

Audio interview with Jeff Davis on WordPlay at Asheville FM on writing and life, concludes with “Sound Experiment” that features the music of Leo Kottke, January 1, 2012. To be archived at Natures, forthcoming.

Audio interview with Jefferson Hansen at Experimental Fiction/Poetry on fiction at Big Bridge, September 2009, featured at kaffe in katmandu, Marcus Speh, Ed., December 20, 2011.

Email-exchange interview with Russell Bittner at Poet’s Corner, Long Story Short, on my poetry and short story, “Po-cash,” November 2009, published November 2010.


“Story for Ned’s Edit” and “Free Country,” MadHat reading at Revival, New York, August 5, 2013.

“Shoe Lace,” MadHat reading at Launch Pad, Brooklyn, New York, July 31, 2013.

Wigleaf Top 50 2013 featured reading, Altered Scale, SubText: a Book Store, St. Paul, Minnesota, June 29, 2013. Video and audio recordings available at Ana Verse.

“Dreams from the Station,” story sequence, Common Good Books, St. Paul, Minnesota, July 22, 2012.

Stories from Country Without a Name, Munkabeans Coffee, Hopkins, Minnesota, March 30, 2012.

Stories, memfics, prose poems, French Broad Institute, Marshall, North Carolina, October 6, 2010.

“She lets her intentions guide her,” “Head,” “This is Why I Loved You,” and “Dreams-in-progress,” SLS Montréal, Quebec, Irish Embassy, June 20 and 27, 2010.

Three poems, Pussipo, Associated Writing Programs, off-site event, Denver, Colorado, April 7, 2010.

“Frontiers Yugoslavia Thirty Notwithstanding” and “Letters, notes, conversations, partings,” poems, with Peter Knoll, guitar, Mad Hatters’ Revue at Haven Arts Gallery, Bronx, New York, July 11, 2008.

“Catnip,” “The Question Was What You,” and “Head,” poems, National Poetry Foundation, Poetry of the 1970s Conference, University of Maine, Orono, June 11–15, 2008.

“XAM: Paragraph Series,” excerpts, prose poem chapbook, Sunday Salon Series, Stain Bar, Brooklyn, New York, Jan. 20, 2008.

Poems, Prism Reading Series, Café at Open Book, Minneapolis, 2007.

“The Gift,” “Cigs,” and “My Crush on Daniel Ortega,” benefits for SASE: The Write Place, Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1998.

“Initial Signs of Mercy,” (“The Sitzer”) story, featured guest reader, Ruthless Grip Art Project Poetry Series, Washington, DC, April 1998.

Performances (continued)

“Hymen,” story, featured reader, Diverse Works Reading Series, Houston, March 1994.

“In A Basket,” novella, Inklings Bookstore, Houston, December 1993.

“The Housecoat,” “The Hostage,” and “Hors-d’oeuvre,” stories, University of Houston, April 1993.

Work on What Has Been Spoiled, excerpts, Crowbar, Houston, November 1992.

“Texas Was Better,” story, Phone Works of Diverse Works, Houston, Spring 1991.

“My Crush on Daniel Ortega,” story, Blaffer Gallery, University of Houston, February 1991.

“The Hostage,” “Hors-d’oeuvre,” and “Almanac,” stories, Binghamton University, April 1988.

“Mugabe Western,” story, Binghamton University, May 1987.

“The Housecoat” and “Tinges of Envy or How You Learn,” stories, State University of New York Writers Festival, April 1987.

Group performance, A Room of One’s Own Bookstore, Madison, Wisconsin, May 1984.

Work Experience

In Editing

Editor’s Eye, the Blog of the Fictionaut, Michelle Elvy, Series Editor, August 2013.

Fiction Reader, Drunken Boat, Deborah Poe and Sybil Baker, fiction editors, Ravi Shankar, publisher, 2010–2013.

Creative Nonfiction and Book Reviews Editor, Mad Hatters’ Review, Carol Novack, publisher, 2008–2011, Marc Vincenz, publisher, 2011–2012; co-editor in poetry, 2011.

Editor, prose poetry and flash fiction, Listenlight, Jesse Crockett, publisher, 2012.

Fiction Editor, Women Writers: a Zine, Kim Wells, publisher, 2008–2010.

Guest Fiction Editor, 21 Stars Review and anthology, Chris Wells, publisher, 2008.

Freelance Writer and Editor: Novels, short stories, master’s theses, 1994 to present; edited and rewrote book-length account of the restoration of a ranch in West Texas, J. B. Poindexter, Houston, Summer 1994; proof-read scholarly journals and monographs, Haworth Press, Binghamton, NY,

Work Experience (continued)

In Editing (continued)

Fall 1989; edited and rewrote finance proposals for new hospital and health authority accounts, Smith Barney, Harris Upham and Co., Inc., New York, July–October, 1987.

Wire Editor: Press and Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, NY, September 1988–July 1990. Promoted from copy editor December 1989 and from newsroom clerk January 1989. Selected state, national, and international news stories; laid out A-section and other pages and special sections; graphics; supervised copy editors.

Assistant Editor, MSS., literary magazine, Binghamton, NY, Spring and Fall 1987. Screened fiction and poetry submissions; automated subscription list; edited proofs; correspondence; circulation; accounts receivable.

In Business

Word-processing Secretary: Olsten Staffing and other agencies. Legal, financial, corporate, manufacturing, and government settings. Houston and New York. Summer and interim employment, 1987 to 1994.

Office Manager: Petinary, veterinary clinic, Madison, WI. Accounts receivable, scheduling, training, wrote manual, May 1984 to August 1986.

In Teaching

CREATIVE WRITING: SASE: The Write Place (Portage for Youth program for at-risk Hmong girls ages 9–14; Stimpson Housing Authority program for working mothers and their daughters; Patrick Henry High School art/writing project and Saturday class), 1998–99; Chaska Valley Writing Conference for Gifted and Talented High School Writers, guest writer, 1999 and 2003; The Loft, “Experimental Writing,” 1998; Writers in the Schools, Village School Middle School, poetry and prose, three or four sections per semester, writer-in-residence, Spring 1993 and 1993–94; Introductory Creative Writing, Binghamton University, poetry and fiction, Spring 1988.

LITERATURE: The Short Story, Sophomore Literature, University of Houston, ten sections, Spring 1992; 1992–93; 1993–94; American Literature Before the Civil War, Houston Community College, Summer 1995; The Continental Short Story, Sophomore Literature and Composition, Binghamton University, two sections, Fall 1986.

COMPOSITION/RHETORIC: English 1302, Houston Community College, Summer 1995; Spring 1996; English 1304, University of Houston, four sections, Spring and Fall 1991. Freshman Composition: English 1301, Houston Community College, Spring 1996; English 1303, University of Houston, Fall 1990. Business English: Houston Community College, Summer 1995. Developmental English: Houston Community College, Fall 1991.

Work Experience (continued)

TUTORING: Memoir, 2012; Gifted and Talented, 2012; WyzAnt, 2012; America Online, Academic Assistance Center, College Area, English and writing, 1997–98; Minnesota Literacy Council, Adult Basic Education, Adult Options, Hopkins, MN, preparation for GED and ESL, 1997–98; Computer Lab, Houston Community College, Spring and Summer 1992.

WRITING COACHING: with three writers, 1999–2001 and 2012.

EXAMINER: Scored standardized essay exams, Grades 3–11, Data Recognition Corporation, Minnetonka, MN, Summer 1996.

In Academia

Assistant Secretary, German Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison, bilingual typing of correspondence, administrative assistance, Summer 1982.

Library Clerk, Mathematics Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison, maintained hold shelf, shelved books, assisted patrons, Summer 1982.

Research Assistant, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1983.

Other Experience

Summer Literary Seminars, finalist in poetry judged by Ann Lauterbach in 2009, fiction workshop with Padgett Powell, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, June 2010.

Panelist, “Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetics of Disability,” Associated Writing Programs Conference, Denver, 2010.

Poetry of the 1970s, conference, National Poetry Foundation, Orono, ME, June 2008.

Weeks by Hannah Weiner, transcribed first edition, 1990, for second edition, Xexoxial Editions, 2008.

Attended 100 poetry readings as resident, New York, NY, 2008.

Judge in prose, Minnesota State Arts Board, grant competition, 2007.

Four Bolt Main’s sound recording studio, Criminal Records, Houston, TX, 1994–96. Assisted in opening business, listened to recording sessions and rehearsals, and studied sample law.

Urban Theater, Houston, TX, 1992–1994, closely followed production and performances of King Lear, MacBeth, Waiting for Godot, Joseph K., and other plays, offered critical response and support to director and cast as needed.


Binghamton Community Poets, affiliated fiction writer, 1987–1990. Core group of men performance and street poets and musicians, who also sponsored pub readings by Robert Creeley, Ed Sanders, Jerome Rothenberg, Martin Bidney, and others.

M.F.A. in English and Creative Writing, Fiction, University of Houston, 1990–94. Coursework reflects three years’ study toward the Ph.D. with a generalist emphasis and creative dissertation. M.F.A. program ranked second nationally by U.S. News and World Report in 1996. Study in fiction and non-fiction with Rosellen Brown and James Robison.

M.A. in English and Creative Writing, Fiction, State University of New York at Binghamton (Binghamton University), 1986–88. Study in fiction and creative writing pedagogy with Gayle Whittier, short fiction and the novel with Larry Woiwode, and poetry with Jerome Rothenberg.

B.A. in English, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1980–84. Post baccalaureate study in fiction with Lorrie Moore.

Areas of Special Interest in English

Creative Writing in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction; Fiction Form; Genre Studies; The Comparative Short Story; Women’s Studies and Women’s Literature; Modernism; Postmodernism; 20th and 21st Century American Poetry; 20th and 21st Century Poetry Movements; History of English and History of Literature in English.

Selected Coursework

SUMMARY: 69 semester hours in literature; 62 semester hours in writing, including 8 hours in poetry and 43 hours in fiction; 37 semester hours in German and French.

LITERATURE: M.F.A./Ph.D.: Bibliography, History of Rhetoric, Milton, Pre-seminar: American Literature after the Civil War, Aspects of Modern Thought, Critical Cultural Theory, Black Women Writers. M.A.: Introduction to the English Language, Shakespeare, Swift and His Circle, 20th c. Poetry Movements, Counter-Environmental Novel. B.A.: Western Culture: Literature and Art, English Literature before 1800, Chaucer, Shakespeare, English Literature 1660–1745, Theme in 19th c. English Literature: The American Eve, Course for Majors: H. D. and D. H. Lawrence, Figures of Contemporary English Literature: Virginia Woolf, Literary Criticism: Feminism.

WRITING: M.F.A./Ph.D.: Graduate Short Fiction (three semesters with Rosellen Brown and James Robison), Graduate Poetry Workshop (with Adam Zagajewski), Personal Essay Workshop (with Rosellen Brown), Fiction Forms Workshop (with James Robison), Thesis/dissertation (short stories and mixed-genre work, James Robison, director). M.A.: Graduate Short Fiction (two semesters with Gayle Whittier and Larry Woiwode), The Novel (with Larry Woiwode), Master’s Thesis (short stories, Gayle Whittier, director), Teaching Creative Writing (with Gayle Whittier).

Education (continued)

B.A.: Introduction to Creative Writing: Short Fiction (with John Hurley), Intermediate Fiction Workshop (two semesters, one post baccalaureate at UW with Lorrie Moore), Advanced Poetry Workshop (performance emphasis with Annis Pratt), Graduate Poetry Workshop (post-baccalaureate at U of Minnesota-Duluth with Kate Green), News writing and Reporting.

Selected Coursework (continued)

SELECTED READINGS AND SHORT-TERM RESIDENCIES: M.F.A./Ph.D.: Lydia Davis, Jamaica Kincaid, Linda Gregg, Amy Hempel. M.A.: Robert Bly, Anne Waldman, Pierre Joris, Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka, Charles Bernstein. B.A.: Adrienne Rich, Jorge Luis Borges, James Baldwin, Carolyn Forché.

Master of Fine Arts Thesis

Work on What Has Been Spoiled, 1994. Contains an introductory essay, “Conditions of a Narrator,” five short stories: “Texas Was Better,” “Hymen,” “My Crush on Daniel Ortega,” “What Kiss,” and “The Gift,” and a 75-page excerpt from a book-length mixed-genre work called “Work on What Has Been Spoiled.”

Master’s Thesis

Table-Talk, 1988. Short stories: “Mugabe Western,” “Raisins,” “The Housecoat,” “Chinese,” “Tinges of Envy or How You Learn,” “The Hostage,” “Still Life in a Bowl,” “Fairness,” “Hors-d’oeuvre,” “Almanac,” and a novella, “In a Basket.”

Academic Committees

Graduate Student Senator, Binghamton University, 1987–88; Graduate Liaison to Creative Writing Faculty, Binghamton University, 1987–88.

Computer Experience

Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Works and Money, Quicken, America Online (as online teacher), various desktop, multimedia, audio, and telecommunication products, Blackberry, DOS, Windows, Apple, Macintosh, specialized Hastech software for newspaper editing, layout, and design, specialized instructional software in English writing lab.

Affiliations and Organizations

The Academy of American Poets; American Civil Liberties Union; Associated Writers and Writing Programs (annual attendance at AWP Conference and Book Fair, 2007–present); Facebook (2007–present); Fictionaut (2009–present); Icarus Project; Jewish Community Center, Sabes Center (JCC); 
Wolfe Park Neighborhood Association Board (Treasurer); League of Women Voters; MadHat; Modern Language Association (intermittent, 1997–present); The National Arts Club (2008); 92nd Street Y (2008); Open Book and The Loft (intermittent, 1997–present); SASE: The Write Place (1997–1999); Twitter, U of Buffalo Poetics Listserv (2001–end 2014); WOMPO (Women’s Poetry Listserv) (2007–present).


Improvisational clarinet, literary readings, stage theater and other performance, nature, travel.


Letters of recommendation from Bill Yarrow, Gary Percesepe, Eric Miles Williamson, Mark Wallace, Dr. Tom Williams, Dr. Maureen E. Mulvihill, Rosellen Brown, James Robison, Dr. David Mikics, Dr. Cynthia Santos, Larry Woiwode, Dr. Gayle Whittier, Liz Rosenberg, Lorrie Moore, Dr. Susan Stanford Friedman, and others, transcripts, copies of publications, and names and addresses of supervisors are all available upon request.